Cubase Elements 10/Elicenser problem

Installed Cubase on a new Windows 10 PC and activated it through elicenser first. I then started Cubase and got a ‘no valid license found’ error. I re-entered the activation number and got an error that it was used. Tried to reactivate the license and got this error on the Steinberg reactivation page ‘Please provide a new Soft-eLicenser number.’

Anyone have any idea how I can get this working?

Hi and welcome,

How does it look like in the eLCC? Can you see the license activated there, please?

Could you try to start eLCC application as administrator and trigger Maintenance? How does it look like after?

Yes eLCC shows a valid license.


Please blur your Soft-eLicenser Number from the screenshot, all delete the screenshot.

Are you sure you have installed Cubase Elements/LE/AI? Didn’t you install Cubase Pro/Artist by accident, please?