Cubase Elements 10 External mixing

Hi. I have Cubase Elements 10 and want to use my External Behringer Ultragraph for my final mixing. Can this be done with Elements or do I have to upgrade to Pro? I use the my external kit when recording, but would like to make adjustments when mixing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


In Cubase Elements you have 24 Physical inputs & outputs available. If its enough for your project, you can use Cubase Elements. If you need more, you should upgrade to higher edition. Here is the comparison chart.

Hi and thanks Martin. I have enough Inputs & Outputs. All i want to know is, when mixing, can I route my External Ultragraph so that I can use it when final mixing (to make small adjustments etc.) like I can with the “inbuilt” EQ etc. If I can do this with Elements 10, could you please explain how i go about setting it up in the software. Thanks


You will always need to make the EQ settings for 1 channel, then record it back to Cubase. And then make the settings for another channel and record it back. So the workflow is quite different from EQing directly in Cubase. But yes, you can do this in Cubase Elements.

Thanks Martin much appreciated.

Hi Martin. Thanks again for the response. I am trying to get the configuration correct but have drawn a blank. Do I group the vocal etc. etc? I’m sorry to be “thick” but would it be at all possible to explain in more detail “Janet and John” style please. I’d love to be able to external mix but need a little more hand holding. Sorry again to bother you.


I would recommend to set different EQ for every single track. Track by track.

I’m sorry, I’m not good sound engineer and I have no real experience with this type of working in my praxis. I’m using plug-ins only.

Ok thanks Martin. I’ll keep experimenting.