Cubase elements 10 Hub not working

Hope someone can help, when i boot cubase 10.0.15 the hub screen opens and a warning appears saying security certificate has been revoked so it won’t open for latest news etc. I updated when first came out with no problems, this just started today. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Hi and welcome,

You are on Mac, right?

This is an known issue on Mac now. Already discussed here on the forum.

Windows 10 64bit


Can you double check if any Firewall or antivirus doesn’t block a communication with the Steinberg servers, please?

I have this issue also about security certificates from looking on when I was looking for halion script I guess its something with their websites gone wrong but I don’t know who to report to

Best to disable HUB in prefs and forget about it, its been broken forever

Checked firewall etc, all ok. The problem didn’t start immediately after 10.0.15 update, it was a few weeks after. I will just have to keep manually checking for updates for now as i’m not experiencing any problems with cubase 10 itself at the moment.

Exactly, it’s for Steinberg to fix. uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate expired on Wednesday 6 March 2019, 13:38:56.

[EDIT]: this refers to the domain only, which is actually a different issue.

The hub is working for me in every version of Cubase I have (but I don’t have Elements) on Windows 10 x64.