Cubase Elements 10 - Install Issue- File Names

I’m new to the forum and looking for any advice about moving Elements 10 onto a new PC (previously on laptop).
PC spec - Windows 10, 8gb ram, 240 SSD, 1TB HD
New- nothing else on it

My previous laptop was only 3gb by the way and it did work ok!

I downloaded the install manager and the big 15gb Cubase 10 downloaded and was ok. But when I went to install I got a lot of error messages about file names. pic attached.
When I open Cubase i’m missing Halicon, GA and am sure lots of other content.
I did a delete all and reinstall and got the same error messages about file length and missing content.

Any help or advice would be great as i’m not the greatest PC knowledge person !

Thank you

Issue resolved- I created and Cubase Folder on the C drive and unzipped all the contents in there.