Cubase Elements 10 - Link Send Effects to Midi Controller

Hi guys,

That’s my situation: I’ve bought the Akai Midimix to play around with some live dubbing in Cubase Elements 10. My idea was to arrange like 4 - 8 audio channels with stems and then play around with send effects. I thought, I can easily link the three knobs of each channel to three different send effect volumes, for example a reverb, delay and a filter. And then in real time, I could mix and get some dub style effects.

Well, I thought it would be easy to link each of the knobs to whatever parameter. But after some research I’m afraid I’m limited by the 8 track or vst quick controls. 8 channels with 3 potis so that’s 24 plus the fader for each channel, so there could be 32 parameters that I want to control. Is there an easy way to link any parameter to a knob of my controler or do I really have to accept the limitation of these quick controls?

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What about to use Generic Remote Device instead of Quick Controls?