Cubase Elements 10 no audio output, I'm not able to hear any track

Hi, yesterday I decided to try Cubase Elements 10 on my new Windows 10 machine and I’m experiencing problems with audio output.
The computer audio works perfectly fine, but Cubase isn’t outputting any audio.

I did a few checks clicking on Studio > Studio Setup… > Realtek ASIO and the HD audio output channels are both Active.
The tracks are unmuted. I’m really struggling to understand what’s happening.
I’ll try to disinstall and reinstall the software, probably doesn’t make any sense but I’m not able to come with any other idea at the moment.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Does the sound work in Windows ? If yes, then it´s just a problem of correct setting of the driver in Studio Setup - VST Audio System and Audio Connections. Optionally try to install ASIO4ALL driver if it works in Cubase (if you don´t have any external interface with its own driver) .