Cubase Elements 10 not loading Kontakt

Hello, I had Kontakt installed into Cubase but it has now disappeared. When I want to add a track there is no Kontakt option only Halion etc. Kontakt has just updated to version 6 and works in standalone version.

The location on my PC, C: drive seems correct at C:/Program Files/Native Instruments/VSTPlugins 64bit. When I add this to Cubase via the Plugin Manager and rescan the pop up box shows 0 new vsts or effects. It is also doing a similar thing with Mini Grand plugin. This location info came from the Kontakt website however I have just seen on Steinberg that the path should be via the Steinberg/Cubase10/VSTplugins path on my C: drive. I copied the .dll file for Kontakt over to the Cubase path but still nothing has worked. Also closed Cubase a couple of times but nothing changes. Would appreciate any help please?


Isn’t it blacklisted?

No it wasn’t but I have solved it now. Thanks anyway.


Could you please share an information, how did you solve it? Maybe someone else would have the same issue and would appreciate a solution.