Cubase Elements 10 re-activation.


If I have 2 PC (Desktop and Laptop), can I reactivate license on in order to switch licese from Desktop PC to Laptop and vice versa?

I mean, can I run “Cubase 10 Elements” on 2 machines (not simultaneously)?


This is easier with a dongle. Just move it from one to the other.

Yeah, I know. Unfortunately, there are no dongles in the shops around. I can buy it in January 2019 only. And I’m going to another town soon, so I want to move license to my laptop for a while.

How I think it works, but not tried it. If you reactivate on your laptop, the next time your Elicencer desktop app goes online it will deactivate your licence there. But that is not what it is for I believe. It is meant for the same computer I think.