Cubase Elements 10 sound problem

Hi, I am completely new to Cubase. I have installed Cubase Elements 10. But when I finished the installation and opened the program, it turned out that I cannot hear any sounds I make.
At first, I thought that it might be because I chose a wrong ASIO driver, so I changed the setup and chose ‘Realtek ASIO’ and tried again. Still, I cannot hear any sounds.
I would really appreciate any help and, if you need any further information, please let me know.

Hello !

I have the same Problem on a Dell G3 Laptop.

I can chose the Realtek ASIO Driver in Cubase Elements, but there are no Signals in Mixer and nothing to hear.

In Ableton Live 10.1 the Realtek ASIO Driver runs very good.


did you check the Asio Control Panel, and that the Realtek Ports are active there?

You can reach it via the Studio Setup Menue. An item in this menue is called Asio … and there is a button Asio Control Panel.


I have the same issue. After digging deeper, I see that Realtek ASIO driver works with 24 bits PCM, but in VST configuration on Cubase, it allow only 32-bits & 64 bits float. Maybe it is the issue. Anyone found a workaround about it?


Just found the issue. Realtek ASIO driver doesn’t work with default sample rate that itself propose.

On Voice Meeter, Realtek ASIO is not working if we use default sample rate (which is supposed to be 44100). But when we choose “44100” as sample rate, it works.

Is there any way to force ASIO driver sample rate in Cubase 10?