Cubase Elements 10 upgrade - no license supplied

Updated from Elements 8 and sent activation code - but no license is provided and can’t seem to register on e Licencse Control Centre - it is not recognised that I have paid and updated. Raised 2 Support tickets 4 days ago, plus attached screen prints - absolutely no response at all (barring the standard email once that we have received your support request). I think the support is appalling, and the registration system has failed me completely. Is anyone at Steinberg actually listening??


Sorry I don’t really understand what steps you did already…

The common way is to:

  • Make sure your Cubase Elements 8 is registered in your MySteinberg account.
  • Make sure your license is really Cubase Elements 8 in the eLicenser Control Center…
  • Buy Cubase upgrade online (you don’t need any proof of Cubase Elements 8 ownership).
  • In eLicenser Control Center application Enter Activation Code.
  • Download the license.
  • From MySteinberg account or Download Assistant Download Cubase Elements 10 Full installer and install it.

See postings under “No products found on this eLicenser” on this forum.