Cubase Elements 11 fade in-out

Hello, is enybody tale me is ther is option in Elemnts 11 for fade in or out. When i go to AUDIO and CROSFADE ther is some X. Is in the Elements exist fade in out option? Not volume track


As I can see in the manual, there is Audio Event based Fade In/Out.

Stop cursor/playback at the point where you want the fadeout to begin. Then click Alt+X.

The audio event will be split into two now.

Then select the audio event that begins at the cursor. And then go to Audio > Processes > Fade Out. It will ask if you want to create new version. Select ‘new version’.

Please look at this page from the manual. On every audio event you should be able to see a little white triangle in the upper left (fade in) and upper right (fade out) corner of the event. These are your fade handles, that can be moved around with the mouse.

Thx , i figured out. Thx a lot. Cheers