Cubase Elements 11 not getting signal from ADAT

After I upgraded to 11.0.4, Cubase will not record tracks with input from UAD ADAT connection. The UAD Apollo and the Focusrite Octapre are synced via ADAT. All of the channels are working and getting a strong signal. However, if I try to record a track with input from the ADAT connection, the track does not record the signal. All of the inputs from the UAD apollo work fine and will record to Cubase tracks. The UAD apollo and Focusrite Ocatpre VIA ADAT will record all channels just fine using GarageBand, but not on Cubase! Please help. I’ve used this setup for years with no issues.

If you used it for years you are an experienced user. Can you provide some screenshots of the relevant settings?

The ADAT connection is just another connection from the Apollo. It should not matter what kind of input it is.
I would search for the misconfiguration inside the Apollo.
Maybe the optical ports are set to S/PDIF?
And maybe Cubase and GarageBand use different settings for the Apollo?

Thanks for the responses.
Setup: Octapre ADAT out to Apollo ADAT 1 in, both set to internal clock. I arm 12 tracks, the first four on the Apollo preamps, the next 8 on the Octapre. All 12 have hot inputs, verified by volume on the mics. The first four record fine, the other 8 with a hot signal will not record.
My audio routing in Cubase corresponds with the above. I’m working right now, but will send add some screenshots later. I remember having this issue once a long time ago, but have no clue what I did, but it was something simple if I remember correctly.

That would lead to clicks and pops.
I guess Cubase is the master clock source?

As I expected it was something simple and dumb on my part. The “device” settings were not configured correctly, which meant all of the in/outs were off. Doh!

This is how I’ve always set it up, based on the initial setup instructions. Never get pops and clicks. The UAD interface has onboard processing and records very clean and noise free.

That is strange as usually you need to sync two devices that exchange digital audio. Only one must be Master, all others must be slaves. If both run on their own clock and you hear no crackles then you are very lucky.

The Octapre is the Master and the UAD the slave. Sorry for my amateur assessment earlier.