Cubase Elements 11 problem

Just upgraded from Cubase Elements 9 to version 11.0.30 and was disappointed to find I can no longer make the Editor window smaller, leaving more room on the main window. Has it just changed, or am I missing something?


Which Editor are you talking about, please? Could you attach a screenshot from Cubase Elements 9 and Elements 11, please?

Here is CE 11 screen shot. No longer have CE 9 as I updated it to 11.
It shows the Editor window which I can’t make any smaller than you see there. In CE 9 I could make it a quarter of the size thereby accessing a larger main window.

Thanks for the update purchase, @phil555
While there is a slight difference between the versions when it comes to resizing the lower zone, it doesn’t appear that important to me as the solution in 9.5 seems to be rather unusable when having it minimized to the max. What exactly is your workflow here?

Cubase 9.5

Cubase 11

Thanks for replying. I’m working mainly with orchestral music which comprises multiple tracks, and once the editing is complete, I need a full top window for accessing track automation, and actually the editing window is in the way. Being able to reduce it down in CE9 was perfect for me but now it’s just a nuisance- more so because I fail to see why they changed it!
One other thing, I notice that the edit window in your example is smaller than mine. How is that possible?


It depends on the screen resolution. If you have higher resolution, the ratio of the arranger area and the editor could be different. Because the minimal Lower Zone high is defined by absolute pixels.

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OK that makes sense. Still don’t know why they changed it!

To be honest, I don’t know either at this point.
But wouldn’t key commands like for instance “Open Key Editor” with “Bring to front” work? That way, you would have the best of both worlds: a large key editor and a large project window view.

I’ve solved it! When the editor window is open, a cross appears next to MixConsole on bottom line. Click it and Edit window goes, to get it back just click on an item in the main window. Simple, but I don’t remember that in CE9. Thanks again.

I am glad to read that you have found a solution that works for you.


You can also use Open/Close Lower Zone Key Command.