CUBASE Elements 11 to Artist 12 USB e-licenser upgrade problem

Hello All!

I upgraded from Cubase Elements 11 to Artist 12 but cannot fix Verification Pending problem because it requires me to use a USB dongle.

I do not have a dongle as Cubase Elements does not require one. When I try to verify, it tells me to move license from soft elicenser to USB licenser. Error Page Screenshot is attached to this topic.


31.03.2022 is the last date before the temporary license ends.

Thank you all for help.


I think there was an update to all components involved available that fixes this.
Open the Steinberg Download Assistant, it should update the components.
Give it some time to end the update, reboot your system and try it again…
I hope it works…

I tried that but didnt work. How can i reach a real support staff on Steinberg??

how did you resolve it ? have the similar issue here :pensive: