Cubase Elements 11 upgrade from STUDIO 4

Hello. The question is pretty simple. I’d like to buy an upgrade to Cubase Elements 11 from Cubase STUDIO 4. I already know how to do it though it is not clear how the product will be delivered. In the past when I tried to upgrade I had to have original version of product (which is lost now), install it and only then upgrade. It was very inconvenient way and I just gave up. ))) I do have eLicenser though. So finally the question: Do I need to have my original Cubase Artist copy installed prior to apply update to Cubase 11 Elements? If so, then I will have to find something else.

You only need the licenses… no installations needed…


Once you are going to enter the Activation Code in the eLCC application, the eLCC will check, if there is Cubase Studio 4 license available. If yes, the license would be upgraded to Cubase Elements 11. That’s it. You don’t have to have any Cubase installed on the system.

Then you can install Cubase Elements 11.

Thanks, Y’all

There is no upgrade path from Studio 4 to Elements 11. That would be considered a "down"grade. If it really is Studio 4 that you have a license for, you would need at least Artist 11.

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