Cubase Elements 11 - Won't playback correct midi patches on either synth

My old computer finally bit the dust so I had to get a new one. Got Cubase Elements 11 loaded and everything appears to be working fine except for 1 problem. I have 2 synths connected via midi. I can input and playback just fine so the midi connections are fine. So I loaded a file that only uses these 2 synths. In the Midi Device Manager I loaded the files for each synth, then checked to make sure that each channel was routed correctly. Okay, let’s hit the play button…

Midi files play just fine but none of the sounds are correct. Most of the time all tracks just play back whatever sound is on channel 1. If I click on a track and reassign the routing it will play the correct patch but as soon as I click on another track and play it, it goes back the wrong sound again.

Anyone have an idea why this is happening? On the old computer it worked fine, so I’m thinking I missed something when setting everything up again. Just can’t figure out what it might have been.

Take a look at the Track’s Channel Setting in the Inspector. If it is set to 1 (or any specific number) it will playback all the Notes using Channel 1 even if those Notes were recorded on different Channels. If you set it to Any it will play the notes using the Channels they were recorded with.

Thanks raino. I’ve already checked this and all channels were set to the correct midi channels.
I’m going to reinstall the program and see if that fixes things…

Have you tried setting them to Any instead.

Also, check the midi file for any Program Change messages. The List Editor is pretty good for that.

Setting channels to Any only plays back whatever patch is assigned to Channel 1 (Piano, in this case), regardless of which channel I change. Setting all tracks to Any plays back everything with Piano.

There are no Program Change messages on any of the tracks.

Now if I assign a patch to every channel on the keyboard itself, it plays back perfectly but that’s a huge inconvenience. Much easier to choose a patch from the list provided in the Midi Device Manager Script (Yamaha Motif in my case). Strange that it worked perfectly until I installed the software on a new computer. Not sure what to even look for at this point.

Can you make a screenshot of the MIDI Device Manager (first window only)?

Can you send me the project file (*.cpr)? Kindly send via direct message to me.

Sure. Just not sure how to send you a direct message.

Can you resend this request or reply on the forum? I deleted the email from my laptop where the project file is located so I can’t reply and attach the file. Thanks.

In the forum, click on my name and then use the big blue button.

What am I missing??? Clicking on your name doesn’t show a blue button. Just your stats.

This is all I get when I click on the name…

Okay, the message box now appears. File headed your way.

For anybody reading this in the future: Fred was able to solve the issue. It was caused by a setting on his Motif (Omni instead of Multi).

I need to re-visit this topic and provide an update. The problem was not solved by changing the settings on the Motif.
Every time I open a new file I have to re-assign every track to a patch. Otherwise it plays every track on midi channel 1, patch 1. Once I go through and pick a patch for each track, Cubase will play the correct sounds for all tracks. But if I close the file and reopen it, I have to go through the whole process again. And yes, I do save the file every time I make changes.
Most of my files were created in Elements 6, where I never had this issue. Load a file, hit play and every track played the correct patch. I can’t figure why Elements 11 has this issue. Hoping someone can provide some insight. Thx.