Cubase elements 12, and Serato Sample?

I am having trouble getting Cubase Elements 12 to record what I’m doing in Serato Sample… Is it even possible with elements 12 to record a third party VST plugin into the timeline? I want to see the notes show up into the timeline when I press sample slots in Serato Sample!

I swear I read somewhere on this forum a long time ago that Cubase elements can’t do this with third party VST? If I upgrade to artist 12 is this possible?


I would not be aware of any feature in this area that Elements doesn’t have but Artist or Pro have.
I guess it is rather the plugin that does not send MIDI data on its output to get recorded. Hardly any VST Instrument outputs its Note triggers as MIDI. Maybe you can inquire with the maker of this plugin whether this should be possible for the plugin in the first place.

Most VST Instruments output their parameters as VST paramters, to be used with Cubase’s automation. Notes are often not sent from the plugin to the host.

Serato sample definitely works with cubase. Unfortunately there is no information from Serato in regards to setting up this plugin into cubase. Serato sample works with Maschine instantly (no routing involved)

I have the the serato sample plugin opened in cubase, and when I hit record in cubase no information is being recorded from this third party plugin into the timeline.

How do you set up Cubase to receive information from a third party plugin?

I know this can be achieved, but I’m guessing cubase elements can’t do this, and would have to upgrade to Pro 12. (Extracting MIDI from Audio)

I have scoured youtube, and online for any information if this can be done. Not one video or how to page shows if this can be done.

The closest I’ve seen is a video where the person has serato sample opened in cubase, but doesn’t do any recording; he is just playing around with serato sample in cubase :woozy_face:

There is nothing to set up. If the plugin sends MIDI data to Cubase, Cubase will be able to record it.
If you press a sample trigger button on the plugin GUI, it will handle everything internally and only output the audio to Cubase.
The plugin must be programmed to output MIDI as well.
If I press on the keyboard of Retrologue (stock instrument) e.g. it will make sounds but I cannot record the keys I pressed - the plugin is just not programmed this way.

It sounds like Serato Sample is also not programmed to send any MIDI to Cubase (generally to the host). You can only find out for sure if you send a message to the maker of the plugin asking them.

You don’t find any videos on this subject because there is no general way. Again, either the plugin is programmed to be bale to do this or it isn’t. 99% of the instrument plugins aren’t programmed to send Note Events to the host.

How do you know?

There is a video on Youtube that’s closest thing I could find to what I’m trying to achieve, but can’t post the link ( The title is “How to Record Audio and MIDI from VST Instruments in Cubase | Q&A with Greg Ondo”
(From cubase youtube page)

(This is with a stock cubase plugin though, and it’s to record both audio/midi information)
From reading the comments in this video it seems you can’t even do this with stock plugins with elements or artist versions. Only the pro version can you do this. Granted, this is a completely different plugin I’m trying to use to work with cubase. So it’s a Serato sample problem, and even if it did work I would have to upgrade cubase version anyways :yawning_face: I will have to just stick to using serato sample in maschine (as it works without needing to do any routing or any setting up)

No biggy! I was just getting tired of using serato sample in maschine, as this NI maschine software is a dead horse to me.

Doesn’t make any sense to me that you can open serato sample in cubase, but not actually use it in cubase for any recording purposes. All you can do is toy around with the serato sample plugin in cubase elements lol……

I’m sick of maschine, serato sample, and cubase elements now :joy: waste of money

I’m sick of computer music anyways.

I love the Octatrack Mk2. What a great company elektron is…Best hardware sampler to come out in 20 years.

Peace bro! don’t take this post serious was just asking not trying to argue or anything. Thanks for your help by the way have ugood day!

I found the video. The important part is 3:50 to 3:58 - the plugin GrooveAgent SE has its own MIDI output port. That is something that was programmed into the plugin by its developer. If your Sampler plugin had such a feature you probably could do what you want to do - record MIDI from the VSTi.

See this screenshot. Two Instruments, both stock for Cubase Elements/Artist/Pro. I am using Cubase Pro.
Only Groove Agent has the MIDI Output, Retrologue does not. Same maker, different features. And it does not make a difference whether I use Pro, Artist or Elements. They are all the same in this regard because it is something that needs to be programmed in the plugin.

The commentary under the video claiming that you need Cubase Pro was just plain wrong.

The basic idea is to use some hardware device to send MIDI to Cubase->Serano Sampler to trigger the samples. Using the plugins UI for this is considered cumbersome by most that it plugin developers don’t bother to support this feature. Can’t you use Maschine as a trigger device?

Or use the ‘On screen keyboard’ ? A bit cumbersome I know, but I’m sure we have all resorted to it at times? (Alt+K) on windows. :slight_smile:
Edit - Not sure if on screen keyboard is Pro version only or not, sorry.

So I’m late to this party, perhaps not understanding what you want to do–and the maybe beating a dead horse anyway–if so, please just ignore this. But if you are trying to record the audio produced by triggering Serato with MIDI notes, one way to do that is to set up a group, route Serato to the group and set up an audio track with input from the group. With the audio track monitored and armed, hitting record records the audio. If your Serato track is sourced from a controller and also monitored and armed, it too will the record the MIDI you are triggering the samples with. You can also record this MIDI via the pads in the Serato interface. Or you can write it in.
All this works in CB Pro 12; seems like other post suggest it works the same in Elements, but can’t say.

Hmmm… I just realize that, because I read the word “note” in the starting post I assumed that @DJInstrumentalJay wants to record MIDI.
But maybe they just want to record the audio. If that is the case all my previous posts would be beside the point and your reply ought to put them on the right track (pun intended).

As I admitted in my post I too had a hard time understanding exactly what the OPer wanted!