Cubase Elements 12 crash on start up almost always

I am a beginer in cubase , starting to use the applicaction. And I am getting several problems with the software.
There are 2 ways of crash. First during the initialitation, Cubase runs as Safe mode, I deactivate all plugings and Erase the program preferences.
Then there are some VST sounds ( I deactivate unlicenses plugings) that cubase can´t be found , after I select the Yamaha steinbert USB ASIO . And “sometimes” after this work.
then restarting the program and open again, happens the problem of not detected VST sounds and after the aplicaciton run but freezy… I can´t play with Hub windows neither whith the project windows…

I can do whatever necesary , unistall everithing (something that I try but the problem still there)

Cuabe LE AI Elements 12


Attached the las *.dmp files.

Cubase Elements 64bit 2023.3.20 (970.0 KB)
Cubase Elements 64bit 2023.3.20 (955.4 KB)