Cubase Elements 12 no valid license


I bought Cubase Elements in November last year. Everything was working fine until mid April do 2023, when license has gone missing all of a sudden. I haven’t been able to retrieve it since. Whatever I try, I always get stuck at the same step. When it comes to providing a download access code I get a prompt informing me that this code has already been consumed by another user. It is frustrating to say the least. It is quite an expensive piece of software and it should not have this kind of problems.
If anyone had a similar problem and has a solution, it’d be much appreciated!!

You need to use the Steinberg Activation Manager, which should already be installed on your machine.

If it’s not, you have to install it it. The simple way to do so is to install the Steinberg Download Assistant | Steinberg

yeah… it’s no good. I don’t even have any products on my Steinberg profile anymore… :confused:

Are you logged into the right account?

Did you check in your Steinberg Account on the website?

Right account.

Same thing on the website. No sign of my Elements