Cubase Elements 12 not activated after transferring e licenser to a usb key

I purchased Cubase Elements 9 in 2017 & recently upgraded to Cubase 12.
I always used to use the e licenser on Windows 8.1 but I transferred it to my Steinberg usb key as i’m installing & imaging Windows 11.

I cannot launch Cubase Elements 12 as it states that my trial has expired but I can use previous Elements versions of Cubase 11 or Cubase 9 with the Steinberg key on Windows 11.
I can’t insert images here so i’ve uploaded 8 screenshots of all the details to an image host.

Disk images & Windows 8.1

The e license was transferred to the Steinberg key on Windows 11.However I have disk image files of Windows 8.1 on the same pc & Cubase Elements 9 works without the Steinberg key when I alternate between operating systems…

Cubase 12 isn’t using the eLicenser anymore.


This is possible with the USB-eLicenser only. Otherwise you would need to reactivate to the system again and again.

Cubase 12 is not using neither Soft-eLiceneser nor USB-eLicenser. But from the screenshot I can see, your Cubase Elements 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12) license is sitting on the USB-eLicenser. So you can start Cubase Elements 11, if you plug the USB-eLicenser to any computer. (Make sure the eLCC application is up to date and the eLCC License Database is up to date.)

Or you can start Cubase Elements 12 at up to 3 computers. Be aware, Cubase 12 is not Windows 8.1 compatible. Windows 10 is required.

I don’t see any Cubase Elements license at any of your Soft-eLicenser. So in my opinion, you can use Cubase Elements 9/10/11 only if the USB-eLicneser is plugged in.