Cubase Elements 12 problem

I’m getting distortion on recorded audio files (singer), yet they are OK in Cubase Elements 11. Also having problems trying to mute a track, though that doesn’t seem to repeat.

Sounds like you either recorded the audio too hot or exported the audio too hot so that it caused digital clipping. But without more information it is impossible to say.

I never had problems muting a track in Cubase. But if it is not repeatable, then perhaps it is not something worth following up on?

So why is it OK with CE 11?

I’m sorry, I don’t know what you are referring to exactly.
I guess my point here is, without a lot more detailed information, I don’t think anyone will be able to help you.

Is this what is happening?

  • You listen to your song in Cubase and it sound amazing
  • You render/export the mixdown into a stereo audio file
  • You play that stereo file and it sounds distorted

If this is a somewhat accurate description then look at the audio level meters of the Master Out channel in the mixer when playing your project. If the levels go above 0dB, you need to turn down that Master fader or otherwise ensure the levels does not go beyond 0dB. I would recommend it doesn’t go above -0.5dB for some extra safety buffer. When you render/export audio, anything above 0dB will cause digital clipping. It will not clip within Cubase, but that is because the mix engine uses a large floating point bitrate value.
This topic can get quite technical, but I tried to keep it simple. If you are interested, I’d be happy to expand on any part of it.

The song works fine in CE11, but when the project is loaded into CE12, where it was produced originally, it distorts. I’ve been working with recorded audio since Cubase 5, but never had this problem, till now.