Cubase Elements 13 Setup Issues, Need Help

Hi guys, been using Cubase recreationally for several years but my recording PC died on me a couple years ago and I moved so just now getting around to setting up a new recording PC. I purchased Elements 13 and installed, etc… but I’ve run into several issues trying to get it up and running again. I have a Tascam US-1800 which is on the older side, and I cannot get it to appear in the drop down box under Studio Setup so my ports, inputs and outputs are all a mess. The only option I have to select is General Low Latency ASIO Driver but when I do, I can’t get any playback. The interface is working with my PC because I can play music through it outside of Cubase. I’ve played around with a few options but now it shows me as having “Not Connected” audio inputs and outputs but there are no options available to try to change those. Is my interface just too old and isn’t going to work with this version of Cubase? Not sure where to go from here and there is no available phone support so hoping you guys can help.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

I would install ASIO4ALL and map the old Tascam inputs/outputs there. Then I would use the ASIO4ALL ASIO driver in Cubase.

That appears to have worked. I’ll work my way through actually plugging in some instruments/mics and using some vst’s but as long as I have sound, should be able to figure out the rest. Thanks for the help.