Cubase Elements 13 Takes Unnecessary Space When Saves Projects

This is something Steinberg should change: when cubase saves projects it should allow the user to save the project under the name they give the project indefinitely and not change the name or crash and send an error message telling the user the software is unstable and they need to save under a different name, or cubase just changes the name and informs the user of the change.
For expample uf a project has the name: " This project" cubase will save the file like this: “This project” then This Project.bak , then This Project 01, This Project 02, it will do it 1 thru 10 and then start over with "This Project cpr 02, 1 thru 10, the start over again with numbering the project saves filling up the hard drive. It will often crash everytime it reachea 10 for each number round. This is a flaw or con in terms of pros and cons of owning a cubase elements daw.
I hope cubase fixes this.

You can adjust the maximum number of backup copies Cubase creates when it autosaves, in Preferences under General.

I reset it. I’m glad this option is there. :slight_smile: I hope this work to stop the crashing.