Cubase Elements 6.0.7 hangs on start-up

I have a strange problem, I have a very clean Windows installation and after a short time, Cubase does not start-up!
I didn’t make any destructive changes to the system or Cubase.

On start-up when it comes to: Initializing: VST 2.x Plugin -> Any VST, no difference
My ZoneAlarm shows a warning: VSTBridge is trying to access the Internet.
No difference if you allow or deny, or even shut-down ZoneAlarm and retry, the Cubase hangs and won’t start!
The only way to open Cubase is to open VST folder, and move all dll’s to another folder so on start-up we skip VSTBridge!

If you know it’s a known bug or there’s a workaround tell me, if it was OK in 6.0.6 I will be glad to revert back!

And also, after activating software which requires Internet, every single executable (.exe) of Cubase, tries to access the Internet, what information are you sending to your servers? If that’s just for anti piracy purposes, make sure we’re loyal! Otherwise maybe some people like me don’t want it and always block it in their firewall! Just because we bought a DAW, does not mean that we always allow our information to be transferred to you!