Cubase Elements 6.07


Just got an update from 6.02 to 6.07 - The problem is when a project is loaded into Elements 6 - There are already a number of MIDI channels within the project including MIDI data- So I’m loading up VSTi’s in one of the available rack spaces to experiment with the patches etc…and when I unload a VSTi to load another one Cubase prompts me to ask whether or not I wish another MIDI track to be added so I press cancel as I already have them in the project. About half the time this causes Cubase to crash…

Its good to be inundated with replies… :smiley:

Do have this verison Elements 6 using XP so was wandering if this was proving to be a problem-If I had this on Windows 7 then I’d know for sure however Windows 7 would act like XP wouldn’t it??? OR is this a bug as its only 6.07?

Anyway I found a checkvox somewhere to get Cubase to stop asking about inserting a MIDI track each time a new or replacement VSTi is inserted… :wink: …this should prove more successful!!!

or trash prefs

How do you mean trash preferences???

Go to the Application Data folder (windows) and delete everything, provided you have not saved any key commands or set many program preferences.

Presets are unaffected by trash preferences.

Ah OK, I’ll take a look at it…