Cubase Elements 6 and ReWire for MIDI Control

This is a CuBase 6 question, but i can’t post in that forum because I haven’t bought the software (yet) . . . . bit restrictive here isn’t it!

I’ve never really used Cubase 4 AI, which I got with my MOTIF XS7 . . . I prefer notation software, though I have played with it to do some clever MIDI stuff. However I’ve come across the need to be able to control my MIDI devices beyond what my notation software is capable of. Cubase can’t do what I want musically and in notation (and I need to keep it in the notation software as it does notation way beyond what Cubase notation does), so I need a compromise. Oh BTW I use MIDI hardware only. Don’t suggest soft Synths or VST Instruments as they are useless for what i want.

The notation software has ReWire support, so if I got a copy of Cubase Elements 6 can I link that to my notation software via ReWireand have it control the notes, and Cubase control the “controllers”? Can I enter specific MIDI parameters into Cubase E6 (like pitch bend values, specific MIDI Program change messages, other controller parameters, SysEx???) for them to be transmitted to the SAME MIDI channel as what the notation software is transmitting on? Or do I need a “better” version of Cubase?

Failing that anyone know a VST plug-in that handles MIDI control.

Am I living in a dream world here . . . ?

Just a suggestion- can’t you export a MIDI file out of your notation software and import it into Cubase, then mess with it?

And CE6 does support Rewire-

Potentially, but I don’t know if MusicXML will mean any kind of loss of performance information between the two, and of course as i write and edit I’ll be constantly doing this, which is kinda awkward. As ReWire works pretty well from what I can tell my question I guess is more about whether the MIDI device can be “shared” like that (or do I have to enter the dark arts of MIDI Merge?) and whether the Elements version can allow me to get into deep MIDI editing by placing and editing MIDI controller parameters in the track

Hmmmm… have you explored the Midi functions in LE4?
Even in my dark ages LE1 version I can enter/record/modify controller information in the Midi events editor.

Unfortunately the computer I had it registered to was destroyed and I’d already screwed up the licensing once, and so can’t reload AI4 - unless you know a way to reset the licensing AND install on W7 :wink: it doesn;t have ReWire but it would allow me to experiment as you say . . .

You can get a new activation for your AI4 from “my steinberg”, also you can download the Cubase elements 6 trial version to see if it does what you want .

Oooh is it a fully functional trial then? I assumed that like before it would be a “limited” trial, i.e. it doesn;t do much . . . I think I’ll do just that . . .

It’s time limited, everything else should be fine.