Cubase Elements 6 Audio Mixdown mp3 file does not play.

Hey guys! I recently finished my second song and have embarked on the long and harrowing quest of turning it into a playable mp3 file. I’ve got the mp3 file part down, but I’m working on the “playable” part. My process is:

Cubase 6 Elements Project I want as mp3 opened > File > Export > Audio Mixdown
and used the settings:
Bit rate: 227 (Default) [Edit: Retried at 128 bitrate, same problems encountered.]
Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz (Default)
No ID3 Tag
Audio Engine Output: L/R Channels

However, the resulting mp3 file will not play turning up a “Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing this file” error message in Windows Media Player and will not play in iTunes. Also when uploaded to soundcloud the file would not play there either.

Any ideas on why the mp3 file will not run properly? Any suggestions? Also while I’m at it I could use some pointers as to what bit and sample rates, etc. to use.


Do you have this?

Normally Cubase Elements 6 does not include a mp3 export patch, you have to buy it extra!

Even without purchasing the patch, you still have 20 uses of the Fraunhofer MP3 codec with Elements.

If the license has expired or has run out of uses, Cubase will warn you.
However, this still creates a 0KB MP3 file in your chosen export destination.

What is the size of the MP3 file you’re trying to play?

So you my normal procedure set left right marker of the area i want to mixdown than i set all instrumnets witch should be included on solo then create the mixdown.

You can say yes to import mixdown directly into project does the wavform of your mp3 looks normal or only a thin line of nothing?

I also would try to mixdown a wav to see if you get same result.

Greetz Bassbase

I have already downloaded the mp3 patch and thats what I have been using for the mixdown. I have successfully imported a playable version of the mixdown into the project itself. I have also tried exporting the file as a wav and wma but neither were playable.

Badbass, when you say “set each track to solo” what do you mean by that?

UPDATE: I was able to create a playable file by first creating it as a wav and then converting it to an AAC on iTunes.

UPDATE: It appears that all of the versions of the song appear to be playing correctly now. If you’re interested…

Go post a screenshot of your export page!

The issue appears to have resolved itself somehow, even though I did nothing to prompt it. Two days ago none of the sound files would play, and today when I tried to play them, they all worked. Very mysterious, but I’m not complaining.

Badbass, when you say “set each track to solo” what do you mean by that?

Bassbase the badass badbass means each track has a m and a s mute and solo :wink:

To set tracks to solo i do that i have for sure the tracks i want in the stereoout.
Or you could chose by clickingon the sperate midi and audiochannels to choose witch one you want to record.

But any somehow your problem is now solved.
Strill womdering how your mp3 witch you couldn’t play looked like. The mytirious riddle.

BTW groovy music :wink:

Greetz Bassbase