Cubase Elements 6 duplex driver issues, no recording

Hi. I’ve done my best to see if this topic has already been covered elsewhere, and whilst I’ve found a lot of useful information I have been unable to resolve my problem.

I’m on Windows 7 (64 bit), have Cubase Elements 6, and have just been given an Alesis io4 usb interface.

I found the system would play music back but not record, however I found if I disconnected all the audio input device buses in VST Connections, it would allow me to record but obviously with no sound playback. This was using the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver which I gather was the default driver with the io4 usb interface.

Despite the driver supping to be duplex it will either let me playback sound, or record, not both and I have to disconnect and reconnect the input/output buses each time.

So I downloaded another recommended driver, ASIO4ALL (v2), and switched to it in the Cubase Device Setup menu, however this will not even give me playback so I must be doing something wrong. As far as I can see the correct output buses are connected and active, going through ports iO4 1 and iO4 2 (left and right speakers). I guess I must be missing a step - am I supposed to somehow switch the driver being used by my Playback device in Windows?

The ASIO documentation says to make sure the master channel of the recording software is set to the right driver, but I thought that’s what the VST Connections was all about? I’ve played around with the control panel in Device Setup in Cubase and everything looks active, but I’m missing something.



I’m still having no sound. I’ve got both input and output meters bouncing all over the place with the ASIO4ALL driver but no sound at all, and although the input meter moves when speaking into the mike it doesn’t actually capture anything if I hit record

(Just to be clear, I know how to use cubase, tracks etcs as I have been recording with it for years)

As soon as I switch the driver to the ASIO full duplex one, I get sound working, but only if I disable the input busses.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or at least to assure me it all should works from my setup?


Just wondered if anyone has some pointers, or if I need to post further information?

Solution found, had to flip a small switch on the usb device to take it from 16 to 24 bit

Guessing ASIO4ALL only works in 24 bit, not an expert in these fields…