Cubase Elements 6 MAJOR PROBLEM

Wondering if anyone has encountered this before…
I have a PC that, for more than 2 years, has been more than capable of running CUBASE 6 ELEMENTS with well over 25 tracks running, midi, vst, audio, with no problem.

Suddenly for the past few months Cubase has began crashing for no apparent reason. A few things happen:

  1. Loud cracks / pops begin to happen; this is when i know i’ve hit the point of no return
  2. Cubase freezes in audio, but i can still look through the song, or even place the start bar whereever I want, but i can’t play anything
  3. If i try to shut off cubase and restart, it still won’t work. It starts up with funky colours, almost inverted
  4. Other programs like google chrome don’t work either, “Whoa, Chrome Crashed” message happens whenever you try to start chrome.

This is really starting to bother me and I would REALLY APPRECIATE any help available. Thank you., :mrgreen:

First off, nice nickname :slight_smile:.
Second, your problem sounds like a heat dissipation issue. Download speedfan or a similar tool to read your system components temperatures. Your PC probably needs some serious dusting inside.