Cubase Elements 6 - ReWire to Reason

Hi Everyone,

Reason enters Slave Mode fine when I start it up and the play/pause controls are perfectly synced. I’ve followed the instructions as to how to set it up and I can see the audio registering on the mixer in Cubase when I play notes in Reason.

However, when I hit record and play some notes (again, the audio is registering in the mixer) and press stop normally you would be able to see what you had just recorded (in the form of the waveform appearing in the arranger window), right? Not with this, nothing appears, it’s as if I haven’t recorded anything. What am I doing wrong?!

What I basically want to do is to record ‘live’ into Cubase by using an instrument in Reason, so when I hit record in Cubase I can play live through my M-Audio Oxygen as if I was recording a real piano/organ/sitar/whatever!

Any help is greatly appreciated!