Cubase Elements 6 upgrade to Cubase Artist 6 NOT WORKING

Hallo Guy’s,

Im new to the forum but ive been using cubase for years.
Im trying to upgrade mu cubase elements 6 to cubase artist 6, i bought the upgrade package from steinberg webshop ofcourse i have an USB-Elicenser and im stying to upgrade my cubase, but when y go to the e-licenser and fil in my license key the e-licenser wil not let me upgrade the cubase elemets 6…Anyone any idea what the problem can be??

How does it not let you? You need to detail what you are doing & at what point exactly you have a problem.

Without more info…some possible things to check:

Elicencer software is fully updated?
Internet connection is active while trying to activate?

Oh & if this is a recent purchase you should have Artist 6.5 not 6.0…is this the installer you have?

You first need to transfer your elements 6 license from the soft e-licenser to the USB e-licenser, before you can download the update license to Artist 6. Have you done that…?

@thinkingcap no I did not try that…I’‘ll try it out and let you guy’'s know…thank you for the fast response.

Thanks that worked !! i did not copy the steinber elements 6 lincense to my USB E lincenser.
Thanks !!