Cubase Elements 6 VST Connection


I have already mentioned once about this , but here’s once again with more details.

I’m working with Cubase Elements 6, Windows 7 32-Bit (was also the same with WinXP, before I purchased Win7).

So, first i open empty project and then i always make VST connection for output busses to my sounds card mixer.
If i choose (16 stereo) or manually add 16-channels, it only cames to 12 stereo channels,
see picture :

Works normally in Cubase Essential 5.
I can fix that with loading Cubase Essential 5 projects, where are 16 channels enabled, then i can see all 16 channels in Cubase Elements 6 too.
see picture:

(that’s after i load project file from Cubase Essential 5).

I know, i can help myself with loading from Essential 5, but what for example i have just Cubase Elements 6 ?


Hello Matje,

That is because Cubase Elements 6 only supports 24 Physical inputs and outputs.
Cubase Elements 6 is a more limited version than Cubase Essential 5, that is why you can only upgrade Cubase Essential 5 to Cubase Artist 6.
It seems you found out a work around.
Due to project compatibility you can load Cubase Essential 5 projects on Cubase Elements 6 and it will also load the inputs that where saved on the previous project.
On the link bellow you will find more information about it:

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, you’re right.
I was not cautious enough with Cubase Elements 6 specifications.

I should upgrade to Cubase Artist 6 at first place :blush: :slight_smile: