Cubase Elements 6, Win 8, and AT 3 Free

I have been running into an issue.

I’m running Win 8 32 bit, Amplitube 3 Free, and Cubase Elements 6.

I’ve been in contact with support for both companies, and we are not able to find a way to make it work.

Everything is set up properly, but AT3 won’t show up in my Plugins. It is searching the proper folder for VST, the .dll file is in the right location.

When I select “update” to my Plugins in Elements 6, I get the following error.

On occasion, I get an error about not being assigned an e-mail address as well.

Any one else experienced this?

Cubase Elements 6, same as AmpliTube 3 is not officialy compatible with Windows 8, yet. There is no official information about compatibility. So, nobody knows.

Here’s a bump for a fresh set of eyes.

Any one able to get these to play nice yet?

What is a registry error?

And why did I decide to upgrade my OS, my Cubase, and my Interface, in the middle of recording an album?


Registry error is quite serious error in communication with OS.