Cubase Elements 6 XP Pro


I’ve got Cubase Elements 6 problem - Been tinkering with the DAW to get it just right / experimenting with sofware I’d like to use but sometimes bad compatability forces me to re-evaluate my choices…

Elements 6 will launch now - but if need to un-install the program I can’t because theres a horrible error that some of you will be familiar with:

"The package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it or contact application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installation package"

There was also a system restore earlier on to try to rectify the matter. There is also no un-installer in the programs-steinberg-elements 6 folder.

Maybe I need a utility to sort this out. I’m no IT whizz though I do have some idea of trouble shooting but this one is above my head I’m afraid. I can google my arse off and hopefully get this very bad day out of the way… :laughing:


I’ve already tried to re-install the program but as its already installed windows won’t allow me to do this…

hope someone has a good idea…


Basically I need to be able to un-install this program but I can’t - I’ve also tried to re-insall it I can’t do this either.

Its corrupted in some way and needs to be rectified - Any ideas?

I’ve uninstalled Elements 6 with a utility-And I’ve tried to re-install via my archived downloaded version of Elements 6 but the PC still thinks Cubase Elements 6 is installed-So I concluded that I need to attempt to re-install via another download of Elements 6 from my account off Steinberg server. It seems, though, that there are no download links for version 6 prior to the updates or put another way I have no access to the product I bought without requesting another download - Is this correct :question: or have I missed thing in “my account pages” :question:

Naturally I’ve sent a request for help officially but won’t hear back from them for a day or two…