Cubase Elements 7 and 9 compatibility

I want to buy Cubase Elements 9 for Mac and wonder if it is compatible with projects from Cubase Elements 7 on Windows. If not, is there any possibility to buy Cubase Elements 7 for Mac?


Officially - Yes

Your purchase of Cubase Elements 7 already includes the Mac version. You simply have to download the installer from your MySteinberg account

Hi svennilenni,
Thank you for confirming the versions’ compatibility. In my question “If not, is there any possibility to buy Cubase Elements 7 for Mac?” I actually shouldn’t have put emphasis on “for Mac”, I just wanted to ask if there was any possibility to buy Cubase Elements 7 as such should the two versions (7 and 9) be incompatible. It’s just because several members of our band want to send our projects from Elements 9 to a person who has Elements 7.

You should have no problems opening projects created in Elements 9 in Elements 7.

There should only be issues if you use VSTis or effects which did not exist in the earlier version. Even then the files will still open but there will just be an error message to tell you Cubase can’t find the instrument or effect

Not exactly the same as your situation but I’ve just checked and I can open an Elements 9 file in Artist 6.