Cubase Elements 7 and external VST instruments

I’m looking at getting Cubase Elements 7 and just want to know if it works with all external VST instruments in the same way as Cubase 7? I know you can only use 16 slots / instruments at a time. Beyond that, should it work with all the same VST instruments?

Thanks for entertaining the question of a newbie.

Are you talking about
“3rd party VST instruments”?
“external instuments”?
If the first - Yes
If the latter - No

Thanks - I knew the terminology I used could be improved upon! I mean 3rd party VST instruments.

Would I be right in thinking that Elements doesn’t have the List Editor?

Hi there

You are correct it does NOT have the list editor, I know because I have Elements on my “ruffs” studio machine, it’s a bit irritating, but I suppose that’s why one pays for the full version

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