Hi ,

i purchased cubase elements 7 a week ago, and i have tried to set it up through my tone-port ux2 device.
i have a laptop running windows 8, intel i3 processor, 4gb installed RAM(3.86 USABLE), 64 bit operating system.

Ever since i installed cubase and set up the toneport device, i keep getting pops and no sound for just a few seconds through all the audio that goes through the computer.

furthermore, when i record an audio track through toneport sometime the sound dissapears, then comes back again.
and although i can hear myself recording, and i see the recording on the graph, when i play it back, no sound comes out.

i have set the deafult buffer size to 128 (lowest available) and the default bit depth at 16 bit (lowest available).

any suggestions as i cannot use the product like this