Cubase Elements 7 Asio outputs

Hi there !

If i want to manually create asio outputs (16 channels), i can just create 12 channels and that’s all !
But like i solve this once before, i also have Cubase Artist 8 installed on my second computer and if i load my project file from Cubase Artist 8 (where i have 16 channels asio output) to Cubase Elemenst 7 i can see now also in Cubase Elements 7 all 16 channels enabled and working !?
But like i said before , i can manually create just 12 channels in Cubase Elements 7.
That’s somehow strange and funny.
What are specifications for Cubase Elements 7 asio channels ? 12 or is this something else ?
I remember the same thing in Cubase Elements 6 and i also loaded project from Cubase Artist and voila, all 16 channels were enabled.


Asio outputs (Channels?) are dependent on your audio interface and it’s driver. You don’t mention what that is so it’s impossible to advise. Perhaps you mean something else? You’ll need to clarify and be more specific.

Hi !
Thanks for your reply !
Well, it does not depend on my driver and audio interface, cause i have on both computer the same audio cards and same projects loaded (Sonic-core platform - ASIO2).
Like i said, that happend to me already in Cubase Elements 6. So, it’s not new issue.
If i want to manually create/add vst connection i can only add 12 channels and not all 16channels
(see picture)

I figured out , how can i enable all 16hannels, but just cause i also have on my other computer Cubase Artist 8 (before 7 and 7.5) and i have created project in Artist 8 and then loaded it in Elements 7 and i can see all 16channels enabled and working. So , it must be something with Elements 7 or maybe it’s limited to 12channel or i have found a trick to enable all 16channels.