Cubase Elements 7 available

Dear Steinberg users,

Today we are happy to announce the immediate availability of the latest major update to our entry-level music production system, Cubase Elements 7!
Here is an excerpt from the new features list:

• All-new MixConsole provides the stellar mixing experience with full flexibility and integrated EQ/Dynamics channel strip modules for epic pro-console sound
• Global Chord Track to work with harmonies and generate incredible chord sequences
• Customizing plug-in parameter layouts on your control surface with the new Remote Control Editor
• Find plug-ins now with the new keyword-oriented search function

Head over to to get the full picture and all the details!

On our official YouTube channel you will find over 2 hours of video tutorials to get you started.

The update is now available as boxed version at your local dealer and as download version through the Steinberg Online Shop.

The update price is 49.99 euros from Cubase Elements 6. Upgrade prices are 39.99 euros from Cubase AI 6/7 and 49.99 euros from Cubase LE 6/7. These prices include German VAT.

Thanks for choosing Steinberg!

Hi, as a owner of UR-22 I can get a free copy of Cubase Elements 7. Where can I download the installer?

Thanks, Mike

Who told you that? As far as I know, the UR-22 comes with Cubase AI.

From the link provided after purchase in the Online Shop :wink: .

You’re welcome,

Hi Scott,

in My Steinberg I can only download Cubase LE AI Elements 6.

But read this, scroll down to support notice:


My guess is that they haven’t released the LE / AI 7 versions yet - the LE / AI forums still only show 4, 5, & 6.

Anyway, this discussion belongs in a different location.

Either the Hardware forum …

Or the LE / AI forum …

… because it really has nothing to do with Cubase Elements 7.

I guess you´re right, but I don´t understand, why my downloaded “Cubase AI6” says:
Cubase Elements 6.0.7 (about Cubase)


Elements/AI/LE all run from the same installer. As do Cubase and Cubase Artist. Depending on your licence, certain features are disabled.

I need help.
I bought Cubase few days a go, installed and used activate code, run cubase ok.
But was necessary format HD of the same computer.
No more valid my activate code, asking for a new code.
How I get new code please ?
Thank you,

You bought which version of Cubase exactly…?


I wonder why Cubase Elements 7 is actually not available for users from Russian Federation?

Neither in local stores (Moscow), nor @steinberg.

Is this unfairity gonna change, and when if so?

Also, would Elements allow to import Cubase Le projects and Cubase VST 32 5 songs?

Do I get it right there are 16 VSTi slots in Elements?

Which is more powerful AI or Elements series?

Thank you!

Hello, this is my first post. I have searched this forum (and the internet) for an answer to my question and can find nothing - I am hoping that this forum can assist.

I originally purchased Cubase 6.5 as bundled software when I bought the Steinberg CI1 Audio Interface. I found that I was eligible to upgrade to Cubase 7 Elements using the Grace Period download offer, and I am loving Cubase 7. It is very intuitive and I really want to move to the full version.

I cannot find a way of upgrading myself to the full version from Elements. Can somebody please tell me if this is at all possible, and if so, how I can achieve this?

Many thanks! Kirk.

Youi go to the Steinberg (or any other) shop on and choose the upgrade from Cubase elements 7 to Cubase 7 .

Thanks for quick reply…have tried this option, it was the first thing I did.

The downloads available to me on My Steinberg do not include an upgrade to the full version, thus my question. There is an upgrade option for those using Cubase Artist 7, but not Cubase Elements 7. (Or is Elements 7 and Artist 7 the same thing? I didn’t think they were…)

I´m not talking about mySteinberg, I´m talking about the Steinberg online shop. There is án upgrade from Cubase elements 6/7 to Cubase 7 available.

Thanks thinkingcap however I cannot locate anywhere on the link you provided that offers me an upgrade. If you can please copy and paste the exact link that you have found, that would be helpful. I have looked extensively online not just at but other retail sites, and nothing. I appreciate your help.

Where are you located…?

I am in Australia.

Well, then you probably don´t get the same site like me.

Thanks once again…definitely an issue with me being in Australia…I can’t even access that hyperlink…404 page not found error. I will contact Steinberg support directly. Thanks for your trouble.

Perhaps if you rotate the picture 180 …