Cubase Elements 7 crash following Windows Update


Anyone having a similar problem with Cubase Elements 7.07 (x64) following a recent Windows update?
Worked with Cubase with no problems for the past few months. Last night after working on a project, I installed two new Windows Updates.

I returned to the project today and I am starting to experience several problems while loading the project in Cubase.
• When I open the project I get the error message ‘…a serious error has occurred please try saving under a new name.’
• At some points, Cubase will also hang when I am loading the project at the mix console stage.
• I have tried loading the default projects in Cubase to rule out if there was a VST in my project causing the issue, and I am experiencing the same problem.

It’s an intermittent problem however. Sometimes the project will load fine. Which is puzzling. I do not want to put a load of work into something however if this intermittent problem will mess up a project further down the line.

Solutions I have already tried:
Initialising Preferences
Reinstalling Cubase

As the problem only started last night AFTER the windows updates, I am starting to think it could be something to do with this. Not the most technically savvy I am afraid when it comes to working with DAW’s. Only recently swapped my old Boss BR600 recording set up to go digital!

My Current Specs:
Windows 8.1
6gb Ram
Intel Core i5-3210m CPU @ 2.5 Ghz
Steinberg UR44 Interface

Any ideas, help appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve had the same problem with Cubase 7.5.3 (also tried backing out to 7.5.2). I had to restore my Win 7 64 bit machine to the restore point just prior to the windows update, and it solved the Cubase problem, but left me without the Microsoft security updates.
Also, possibly related- Novation Automap Server will no longer run, and crashes immediately when opening. Un/re-installing that did not fix it.
I’m starting to put my feelers out on this one as well…

I want to clarify- 7.5.3 appears to be rock solid. I don’t believe that this latest Steinberg release played any part in this issue.

Yeah it’s a strange one. Seems to be getting progressively worse now though. If I try and start a new project, Cubase completely freezes and I get the. ‘…Cubase has stopped working message’. I shifted the project I was working on to an external hard drive and it lets me open it without any hassle (though it takes a while to load). I get the feeling that it is going to break any minute however, which ain’t good!

I’ll have a look into the restore point suggestion, cheers. I know I haven’t set a restore point manually myself, so unless Windows does it automatically, I’m not sure if it will work. At least it will teach me to do it in future anyway! Thanks.

Windows does make a restore point before updating. Btw the last update yesterday managed to crash 3 computers here :-/
But they all run fine after a boot, including Cubase.


found the reason for this today after dealing with a couple support cases.

There are two ways to solve this:

  1. Disable the Stinberg Hub
    – Open Cubase without launching any project
    – Go to File -> Preferences -> General -> Untick “Use Steinberg Hub”

  2. Uninstall the Windows update KB2977629
    – Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> View Installed Updates
    – Uninstall KB2977629

Warning: This is an Internet Explorer cumulative security update - if you use IE and decide to uninstall the update, you might want to consider using another browser until this is solved.

Our findings have been forwarded to Development to see if something can be done on our side.

This of course affects all versions of Cubase, not only Elements. Thought about posting this now as some might face the issue during the week-end.


The last several patch Tuesdays have felt like Russian roulette; something 's going on (not) with Microsoft’s quality control.

I noticed these same issues after the Windows update (not every time though).

Fabio, thank you for the information.

Regards :sunglasses:

Since the dawn of time of Daw’s on Pc we’ve all known not to do windows updates IF your system is working perfectly well , your only putting your DAW at risk . Why would you want to do such a thing aahh ?

I agree, but due to financial reasons my “home studio” DAW is installed with all the other crap on my “home pc”. So I like to keep the pc current with whatever security updates Microsoft recommends.

However, I am “moving up” by “moving down”. Meaning my home studio is being relocated to the basement where I can have a fortress of solitude just for my music endeavors. That means a new dedicated PC. NICE :wink:

BTW… I update my pc with whatever updates are recommended by Microsoft. Can’t remember having a problem until this one. Hmm… :unamused:

Regards :sunglasses:

i found after years of “oh no not again! here comes another week of reloading daw” it was actually cheaper in the long run to keep my expensive daw OFF the net and buy a cheap $300 computer for net use. keeping daw off the net negates the requirement for sketchy windows updates or other net nasties killing my daw setup thats worth several thousand when you factor in your hardware and software not to mention the high blood pressure that comes with a major meltdown of your favourite toy lol.

daws and net are like fire and gas… best to be avoided lol

That’s one of the controversial updates Microsoft has reworked and re-released. If you’ve dowloaded the latest updates last Tuesday, you should have an updated KB2977629, which should cause no problems (my Cubase works fine, just like before.)

For the record, none of my Win devices had ANY trouble with the allegedly disastrous patches, and I use at a least a dozen, including desktops, laptops and tablets. The number of people affected by that issue must have been very limited. Apple wouldn’t have even bothered to tell their users. :wink: But then again, Apple gets a pass from the American media even with the worst screwups (and we’ve seen many of those lately.)


this kind of issues are to be expected these days, I’m afraid. Fortunately, they are rare enough.

There are several technologies interacting on every system and piece of software and things change fast.
In this case, it is likely that fixing a web vulnerability introduced a java incompatibility (see, it’s IE/java crashing the Hub). I don’t think MS is to blame.

@Indigo: we downloaded the update on thursday and yesterday again on different machines, the outcome is the same. Of course, one would not experience the crash if not using the Hub or if IE is disabled in Windows. Could also be system specific, don’t know if there are interactions involved yet :confused:

So this is why none of my Cubase (not elements!!) versions is working. Going to remove the Windows Update and try again

Cheers. Removing that particular update has resolved the problem for now on my computer. I’ll be more careful in future applying new updates when halfway through a project!

You don’t need to remove the update, just reinstall the latest elicenser from

Grrrr, just spent the weekend rebuilding my rig trying to track this one down… Thanks a lot Microsoft :angry: , On the plus side, at least my PC is a bit leaner and cleaner.

9 out of 10 times these are visual studio libraries not being aligned

EDIT: only works till next reboot, seems Win8.1 just overwrites them again after reboot :blush:
so removing update is the only solution for now :frowning:

EDIT2: can confirm that disabling Steinberg HUB resolves the problem too.

Wait, you’re telling me the fact that I’m not experiencing any issues after downloading the updates is actually an ANOMALY? LOL, should I feel really lucky? :laughing:

P.S. I never use the hub, but I haven’t disabled it either.


I had many crashes with C7 and C7.5 while loading projects. At 80% times Cubase crash. I’v try to reinstall Windows and all my software. Sometimes was ok, then more crashes. I was think that iLok2 was a problem. The I found problems start after Windows updates. So, after Windows update I must uninstall iLok2 software and install it again. And…problem with Cubase crash while loading projects gone ! But when Windows self updating its starting again…Then I uninstall iLok2 software…again. I can live with it. But why it happens. i don;t know.
Cubase Hub is off.