Cubase Elements 7 Demo hangs on "Initializing elc"

I’ve had the Demo for 2 days and it was working but today it won’t load. Reboot - same problem. Any ideas?


Do you by chance have a dongle with a 24 hour “All Applications” license on it?
If so, try removing it.

Thanks for the reply. It’s on my laptop with no dongle at all.

What does eLCC report as the status of the license?

Actually there is no eLCC application on my laptop. The demo doesn’t even make you register. Just download and install. For the 1st 2 days it came up and told me how many days I have left in the demo.

So apparently there is no support for the C7 Elements Demo. I have C7 but wanted to get C7 Elements to use on my laptop. So since it wont’ work and there is no support I’ll have to update my Sonar X2 and use it instead. I wnated to go all Cubase but Steinberg doesnt’ make it easy.