Cubase Elements 7 & El Capitan Problems

Hi all,

I am new to the Steinberg forum

I purchased Cubase Elements 7 over year ago and decided to wait until I updated my Mac. I have now purchased the new Macbook Pro 13’ with El Capitan yesterday. I have since been unable to install my Cubase Elements.

Because I don’t have a disk drive with my new Mac, I am sharing the disk drive of my old mac.

I load the disk into my old mac, share the drive with my new mac, installed the Application Installer Tool, followed the instructions, and just as I get to the last last stage of installation process, I receive a message to safe that “Installation Failed, please contact Software provider”

Can anyone help.


I would recommend you to download the latest full installer of Cubase Elements.

Btw: Cubase 7 is not officialy compatible with Mac OS X 10.11. But if you activate your Cubase in these days, you should get Cubase Elements 8 for free in the Grace Period. Cubase Elements 8 is fully El Capitan compatible.