Cubase Elements 7 -Export Audio MixDown

DAW: Cubase Elements 7 x64
OS: Win7 x64
VST Plug-in: Ivory II Grand Pianos

I have a MIDI file with I imported into my Cubase Proyect. I can hear all the tracks and I am testing my new Ivory II Grand Pianos. I muted all instruments but the Instrument Track of the Ivory II Piano. So far so here, everything goes fine.

I have defined the area to be exported (the complete song).

I Export to Audio Mixdown and everything seems to be fine, but the WAV file created cannot be played by Windows Media Player (Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file) nor iTunes Player (simply does not play and does not show any error message).

What is it wrong?


Really? Nobody has faced the same problem?

Hello Uvazquez,

Did you create an instance of Ivory using the VST Instruments rack under Devices or just create and instrument track and then import the MIDI file to the track?

I just created and instrument trtack.