Cubase Elements 7 Licence Transfer


I wish to transfer my version of Cubase Elements 7 to a friend; however, I would like to keep the soft eLicencer as not having the USB dongle is one of the major benefits of Elements 7.

Please could you advise as to whether this is possible?
I have followed the resale wizard but it involves steps for transferring to eLicencer, which cannot be undone.

Many thanks,

Soft eLicenser is just a place on your hard drive where licenses are stored, similar to the physical dongle. If you sell your Cubase Elements 7 to your friend, you are selling the license, so removing it from your hard drive to his (or his USB key) is inevitable. What exactly is it you want to keep?


So in order to sell the license to a friend, the license needs to be transferred to a device that is owned by the friend.

This can only be accomplished through the use of a USB-eLicenser.

I recommend that the friend buys a USB-eLicenser and registers that USB-eLicenser with their MySteinberg account, then transfers the license from the original Soft-eLicenser to the new USB-eLicenser.

Of course, the original poster won’t own that license anymore, so his Cubase Elements 7 installation will stop working.