Cubase Elements 7; No output sound

Have checked ASIO output many times, and switched between Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver, and ASIO Direct X Full Duplex Driver, plus the vst connections outputs to match, and still no sound. Also checked control panel to make sure sound settings are correct. When opening project, I get missing file msg., hit locate file and it does (in c: drive), & the wav appears in project but still no sound. If I double click on file in c drive, media player plays it, so I know it’s there, but can’t get sound back into project. Any additional help greatly appreciated. :confused:

I have a 4 track gtr/voc recorded in the program, outputs are set to my external speakers, and yet no sound. I can see levels on tracks. The wav file is in my computer and will play from c-drive directory, but not from the project window. Any ideas of what or how I can get the sound back from the project itself? Thx


Check if your audio device is selected in Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System, as an ASIO driver.

Then, check if the correct output is selected in Devices > VST Connections, please.