Cubase Elements 7 Score Editor help linking notes

Hi, I compose on cubase 7 Elements placing notes with the mouse using the score editor and I need to link notes with it and can’t find how. Is it possible to do so and could anyone point me how?

Thank you


Could you be more specific, please? Notes in the Score Editor are a notes… What do you mean by “link notes with it”, please?

I meant linking by the curved line linking 2 notes like on the picture shown. On other score softwares there is a button to link or unlink two notes, allowing, as in the example in red, two notes to start at different times and sound at the same time thereafter. Now it seems impossible unless I record them myself, or if I go all to the key editor every note I want to do this which will take a huge amount of time. A dotted note wouldn’t allow to add another note(s) in the middle of the chord…

Thank you for your help.

I see, you mean the Slur.

Select both notes, and from the Scores menu select Insert Slur command.

I am trying to find it everywhere but can’t seem to find it where you pointed or elsewhere. Is it possible that it is only in cubase 8 or later? I have v7.0.7

Thanks for your answer

I see. Then this option is in higher Cubase derivative only.