cubase elements 7 upgrade from cubase ai 7 issue

hi there folks.

i must be the biggest fool around here.
I have just updated from cubase AI 7 to cubase elements. I run the installer and it appears to be just loading AI 7 . once loaded i open up and see that its cubase AI 7 ,nowhere on the program does it state cubase elements.

Then the kicker is i go to my stein berg page to activate the new upgrade to Elements, i enter the activation code that was sent to me via email, i get an error message saying i haven’t used this activation yet……well thats what I’m trying to do !!!

What on earth am i doing wrong… i am refraining from cursing but i am so frustrated. the best of all is trying to get hold of any steinberg support…… hell man! you just get referred to the faq and the forum.

They are probably too busy trying to put out the usual fires that came with the update to cubase 7.5 which i must still run on my main machine… i can’t wait to see the surprises that await me there.


sorry for the rant , just extremely sensitive and frustrated .

have a great day folks

Here is the message i get when trying to activate Elements.
“Activation Code invalid or unused. Have you activated your product yet?”


i have uninstalled cubase AI 7 and installed the upgrade cubase elements 7 downloaded file.

The problem still persists.

when i open the program i get the chance to register or to start cubase AI7…not cubase elements.

I’m running on osx 10.8

pls help if you can folks, it will be hugely appreciated. i hate having something ive paid for but cannot use.

Thank you

Did you try pasting the code into the elicenser app or are you talking about the website?

I don’t have Elements, but I thought I’d ask seeing as you sound so frustrated.

hi there Steve

thank you for your reply.

I have downloaded the elements installer twice now… they are both identical and seem to be the correct size.

they both only install cubase AI and not Elements… unless when you open up cubase it is suppose to say cubase AI .

i tried pasting the activation code in the "add new software " in "my stein berg " section on the website. And that is what is giving me the error.

thx again for your reply Steve

I asked if you tried pasting the code into the elicenser app.

The problem is that AI 7 and Elements 7 have the same installer.

You do not need to reinstall Elements. The only difference is the activation code for Elements that makes an LE 7/AI 7 to an Elements 7 version.

You should also dl the newest installer from

hi Steve

Thanx so much man. that solved the issue…thamk you all for your help. I wish all forums were as helpful and as nice as this one.
have a fantastic day