Cubase Elements 8.035 Freeze

This issue ocurred on a Lenovo E530 laptop with an i7 2630QM CPU, 6GB RAM and Windows 10 Pro Ver 1511 OS:

1] Launch Cubase Elements 8.035
2] Load a project.
3] Load a second project.
4] Load a third project.
5] Load a fourth project.
6] GUI freeze… program no longer responds to key commands or mouse activity and has to be shut down using task manager.

To explain: I use Cubase both ‘in the studio’ and ‘live’. I use Cubase Pro for studio work and Cubase Elements for live work. For live work I load up the backing tracks for the set list before the show starts so that I can activate them quickly with a minimum of fuss. With version 8.035 that is no longer possible so I rolled back to version 8.03