Cubase Elements 8.5 / Yamaha MX61 Local Control Issue

I have cubase Elements Trial set up with my Yamaha MX61. I want to use the voice on the keyboard so I have set it up to use the Yamaha Steinberg driver, installed the voice list and set local control to off.

All seems to work for a while however the keyboard or the software keeps turning local control off and using the voice on the display on the MX61 which appear on the LCD window.

Importing midi files and choosing voices from the keyboard is also impossible because the software keeps changing the voice mapping.

When I use the keyboard without being connected to Cubase the Local Control option switches on and off without any problems. It’s only when I connect to the software I have issues. I can see all the voice on the MX but as soon as as start adding more than a couple of tracks it gives up and starts seeming selecting voices at random.

I was going to upgrade from the demo but not if I cant sort this out.


Hi Dave,
Are you still facing this issue? The reason i am asking is i might be facing the same issue. When i select multiple MIDI tracks, i am unable to choose different instruments from the MX61 voice list imported into Cubase Elements 8.

For eg. If i want a drum sound, Piano and Strings, i add 3 MIDI tracks. When i use the 3rd MIDI track, it plays another sound instead of the one selected. If i change the 3rd track to the one that i need (Strings), the sound in the first MIDI track also changes then.


I’ve just started with Cubase and a Yamaha mx61. It has been so discouraging it’s hard to keep going. I have had the same problem with voices staying when I change them.
The rhythm also very strange. When I start to record it plays a rhythm backing track and it has the voice I had in Part 1. Like a piano rhythm track. I need to shut this off. I have gone over the manuals and not seen it. Any ideas for a beginner?