Cubase Elements 8 Activation on 2 Computers


i bought the Cubase 8 elements license and activated it on my desktop pc, the problem is , i need to work on my laptop as well when i’m at work , so i want to know if i can remove the license from desktop pc , and activate it on my laptop , and then remove the license from laptop , and activate on pc again or not , or is there any other way to do it i’ll be thankful

Thanks ! :smiley:

It might be possible but some where along the line I think you might lose the license. The best solution and the one I use is that I purchased a Steinberg USB e-licenser and have my Elements 8 on that. I have Elements 8 installed on several computers and all I have to do is plug in the USB dongle on the computer I am going to use. It is almost fool proof. There is no fear of losing the soft computer based license.